These are a selection of my landscapes from my travels through Africa and Europe.
To see my Irish landscapes click here

venice canal waterbus
memories of venice
36 by 24 inches

room with a view hotel castro florence
hotel castro florence
66 by 46 inches

portugeese lake landscape painting
barragem, portugal
36 by 24 inches

 maltese landscape
maltese landscape
28 by 20 inches

 landscape painting st margarite island cannes
st. margarite isl.
16 by 16 inches

blue trees eucalyptus greg long
blue trees portugal
32 by 24 inches

tunisian coast painting monastir
tunisian coast, monastir
20 by 16 inches

painting greg long blue trees eucalyptus
eucalyptus tree
16 by 12 inches

acacia tree uganda africa landscape painting
acacia tree uganda
30 by 20 inches

irish art sligo bay landscape painting
crow camp, uganda
36 by 24 inches

sippi view uganda mountains
sippi view uganda
30 by 30 inches

queen elizabeth national game park
queen elizabeth park uganda
36 by 24 inches

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